Hamdi Bozbağ SalonuHamdi Bozbağ Salonu-HAMDİ BOZBAĞ SALONU

Libraries in the Faculty:There are three libraries open to student access in the Faculty of Mines Building : Hamdi Bozbag Library, Geophysical Engineering Kazim Ergin Library and Geological Engineering Kemal Erguvanli Library. Hamdi Bozbag library is designed for the student learning activities and open between 09:00-17:00 hours from Monday to Friday. The library has a large collection of class notes, text and reference books as well as Graduation Assignment Reports, Master’s and Ph.D. thesis. Kazim Ergin and Kemal Erguvanli libraries are departmental level specialty libraries. The Mustafa İnan Library is the main center in Istanbul Technical University.


• İTÜ Mustafa INAN Library

• Faculty Kazim Ergin Library in Geophysics Department